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Request for Coaching Tips

scubarugger said: I’ve been thinking about helping coach my old college team lately, and this sums up my thoughts exactly. Any tips/resources for coaching?

Unfortunately I am not a good person to ask about coaching tips/resources.  I have discovered quite concretely that I am at my best when far away from anything that requires me to coach or teach people…anything…

My friend who got into coaching started coaching a college rugby team and had a couple of assistant coaches to help her along the way, so she says that having assistant coaches who were familiar with the team was pretty integral to her learning process and helped smooth over the transitional period.  But she was also pretty much an assistant coach for her own team when she played with them, so you may want to start by helping your old team or finding an assistant coaching position with a college/high school team if you don’t feel comfortable immediately seeking a head coach position with a college/high school team.

If anyone has more helpful coaching tips/resources for scubarugger (and anyone else who is looking into coaching), please reply to this post or send her a message!

When you start to consider whether you would be a good coach

There are two teams in my area looking for coaches, if anyone is interested!

  • DC Furies (Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club) - Division 2 Coach and Division 2 Assistant Coach
  • American University - Head Coach, Division 2 Collegiate Club

For more information, check out the Community page and contact the club representatives!

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When the coach doesn’t put you in the starting line-up