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Midnight Rugby

Helsinki Rugby Club will once again be hosting Finland’s biggest rugby tournament!

When: June 13-14, 2014
How Much: €200 for men’s teams and €150 for women’s
Where: Helsinki, Finland

The men’s sides will be 10’s rugby while the women’s sides will play 7’s.

Click here for more details!

Send me info if you want your tournament posted here!


Other Fun Stuff!

Why Play Rugby?
-This is a piece on why one woman in particular chose to play rugby.  It was passed on to me by Erin Bassney - thanks Erin!

DMU Women’s Rugby “Saucy” video
-A video made by the DMU Women’s Rugby team, given to me by cordonnier.  Ouch, those heels!  This was made for a laugh and was not intended to promote anti-feminism in any way, so watch and enjoy it for the satire it is!

Women’s College Rugby
-A video made by the Quinnipiac varsity women’s rugby team to promote women’s rugby.

A Place for Women’s Teams to Come Together (Facebook)